Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Truth About Harry Potter

The Good Report has a real good post few days ago. You can read the article by clicking the link above.



Carol said...

Those Harry Potter books are grooming young children to accept the occult by glamourizing it, then disguising it as something good because a character may use his powers for good. The books/movies also appeal to our human nature that craves power or control over people or situations. I read somewhere where churches were actually basing their studies on Harry Potter. What a travesty!!!

The author was correct in stating that it was consistent with Wicca - I can personally attest to this because I used to be a practicing witch for years. (Wiccan) And there definitely is power in it, I've seen many things. (I rented one of the movies so that I'd know what I was argueing about when the subject came up)

I wouldn't let that movie in my house. I wouldn't want any work of Satan in my house. I see it as a calling card or a token of his. It has no place in a house that worships God.

Dave said...


AMEN!!! It is sad how many Christian let this junk in their house.