Sunday, November 15, 2009

Confederate Flag

What do you think about the Confederate Flag?


Anonymous said...

A Different flag I Fly©
By David Tatum JR®

Some call it a flag of “HATE”
Blue X across the red
The flag I fly in Southern sky
Is a flag of truth instead

A flag about the Hero’s
Whose hearts fought for this land
A truth about a way of life,
That some “wont” understand!

A way of life that’s not for sale!
A cannons Thunder, A Rebel Yell.
A glass of tea - Wisterias bloom,
My hearts in Dixie - She has the room.

The Flag I Fly is not of Hate,
For all are welcome within my gate’s
Excepting those who tell the lie,
It’s a flag of hate that’s in the sky.

The flag explains my way of life!
Not wearing sheets or carrying Knives
Not burning a cross in someone’s yard
But living Free and working Hard

It tells of hospitality ,
And love of a family True.
The flag I fly is s different kind
I pray you fly yours too.

Anonymous said...

I'm a southerner, and I used to be proud of the Confederate Flag, but in the last couple of years I have changed my mind. Slavery wasn't the only thing the Civil War was fought about, but if the south had won, then the slavery would have continued here. To me, the Confederate flag represents the desire to continue torturing, raping, murdering, and enslaving black people. As a Christian, these are things that repulse me and I don't want to be in any way associated with. Also,many black people today are offended by the Confederate flag, and I do not want to lose an opportunity to witness to people.

Rebekah said...

Hey Dave,
Being from the south, I am southern through and through...
To me the conferate flag was and still stands for the south.. and that's it. I don't believe it stands for hate, or race, or murder. Many people do not know why the Civil war was fought! It was not about fact many people in the North had was not about that! It was that the government was trying to take over, raiseing taxes..and so on. Truth be told, you can blame the civil war on President Lincoln, because he declared war on his own country! Something that could have been settled in an office...he made war!
And southerners weren't the only ones killing and raping people~ The north did the same thing. The Conferderate Flag has nothing to do with that... I suppose I wouldn't fly it, because as a Christian I wouldn't want to offend anyone.
But I agree with the poem, that's what it means to me!
As usual I write to much~

Anonymous said...

South Carolina declared before the election that if Lincoln won, they would secede. The Confederacy was formed before Lincoln's inauguration. Lincoln ran on an ant-slavery platform. He said he would not abolish slavery, just stop it from expanding. Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union, and at the beginning of the Civil War would even return slaves to their owners. He was anti-slavery, but thought the best way to preserve the Union was to allow it to continue in the Southern states. But the South knew that stopping the expansion of slave states was just the first step in ending slavery everywhere. I hardly think that this whole ordeal could have been settled over a nice little lunch on the White House lawn. Wealthy, white slave owners are as much to blame as Lincoln. There is no denying that if the Confederancy had won, then slavery would have continued in the south. Therefore, the Confederate flag represents the desire of white southerners to continue the horrible enslavement of black people. That poem said that the flag stands for "living Free and Working hard", but if left out the part where that was only true for white people. Also, over 500 racist hate groups use the Confederate flag as their symbol. That alone is enough to make me avoid it.

Dave said...

Anonymous #1,

Thank for posting that poem!

Anonymous #2,

The civil war was fought for lot more than slavery. The civil war was fought for states right!


Great comment! I agree!

Anonymous #3,

Why could not Lincoln just let South Carolina secede?


Anonymous said...

I stated that it was fought for more then slavery. But, one of the rights they were fighting for was the right to own slaves. So I stand by my belief that the Confederate flag represents the desire to continue enslaving people. Because if the south had won, that is what would have happened. The only people who would have lived free were white people. There was no one fighting for the rights of the people who were being tortured killed every day in the south.
Lincoln was a strong believer in keeping the United States intact. He did not want to see such a great country divided. That is why he did not let them secede.

Dave said...


Did you know that free black owned slaves too. It was not just white who owned slaves.


Anonymous said...

Okay I agree with the comments above...
I hate to tell you but, no matter what- people are going to see hate in the flag, because of the past. But it stands for what that poem says, too.
Take the American flag...
I can think of a people who would see hate in that flag, too.
A people who, were murdered, stolen from, pushed off their land, and forced to live on small reservations... Why their homes were taken from them, and they were slaves, and their women and children were taken, and they don't get a special month, We haven't given them back what we took from them.
Maybe they see hate in the American Flag... But then what do we see in our Flag, Family, heritage,life, rights, Hero's who have fought bleed and died, so we could sit here and discuss what we feel about a flag!
In reality, the Conferderate Flag, is just a flag...that stands for the Southern States.
That's that.